Packing and Shipping


The rings are packed in zip bags by type and color. Rings of one type, size and color are put into one bag. The consignment is packed in bubble or security envelopes or boxes by volume.



Delivery is through the services of the Czech Post, unless otherwise agreed. Delivery is by registered mailThe shipment is sent within 7 days of receipt of payment. The most of our shipments are sent within two working days.


Shipping and handling

Prices are based on the current valid price list of Czech Post and the amount the will be displayed in the order.

Approximate shipping and handling rates:


Shipping from      

Delivery time
Czech republic cca 2,50 EUR  Free when you buy for cca 60 EUR 

1-5 days
Slovakia cca 6 EUR

3-10 days
EU cca 8 EUR

5-15 days

Shipping prices in EUR are depending on the current exchange rate EUR/CZK. 


We ship to countries:

Austria  AT 
Belgium  BE 
Bulgaria  BG 
Cyprus  CY 
Czech Republic  CZ 
Denmark  DK 
Estonia  EE 
Finland  FI 
France  FR 
Germany  DE 
Greece  GR 
Hungary  HU 
Ireland  IE 
Italy  IT 
Latvia  LV 
Lithuania  LT 
Luxemburg  LU 
Malta  MT 
Netherlands  NL 
Poland  PL 
Portugal  PT 
Romania  RO 
Slovakia  SK 
Slovenia  SI 
Spain  ES 
Sweden  SE 
United Kingdom  GB